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Minecraft Forge

All Versions. Note that the downloads in the list below are for getting a specific version of Forge. Unless you need this, prefer the links to latest andmended builds above instead.

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Blast Furnace Efficiency Minecraft Feedback

Blast Furnace Efficiency I feel that the speed advantage of a blast furnace is not really worth the additional cost of crafting it, the reduction in XP yield, and the limitation to only smelting metals. The real bottleneck on producing iron, after all, is the time it takes to mine the ore it takes MUCH longer to produce one iron ore than it does to smelt one iron ingot, and the smelting can

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Blast Furnace Efficiency Minecraft Feedback

Blast Furnace Efficiency I feel that the speed advantage of a blast furnace is not really worth the additional cost of crafting it, the reduction in XP yield, and the limitation to only smelting metals. The real bottleneck on producing iron, after all, is the time it takes to mine the ore it takes MUCH longer to produce one iron ore than it does to smelt one iron ingot, and the smelting can

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effective enchanting : Minecraft

Start with the highest numbers and work your way down to get the cheapest costs experience. Efficiency 4, Efficiency 4 again to get 5, then the 3s unbreaking and fortune, then Mending which is level 1. Once I have an Eff5 Unb3 For3 Mending pick and a

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Ore Dressing Hobby Ore Dressing Equipment

Ore Dressing Hobby Ore Dressing Equipment. Ore Official Minecraft Wiki. This refers to coal ore blocks spawned in ore veins and not as parts of fossils or mansion forges Instead of multiblock veins emerald ore is placed in scattered blocks Nether quart ore spawns equally in all parts of the Nether Unlike most other ores lapis laulis frequency peaks around layer 15 and slowly tapers off above

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Efficiency Official Minecraft Wiki

Efficiency V is available only when using an anvil for diamond and stone tools. Wooden, golden and iron tools can get Efficiency V by enchanting. Usage . The proper tool for a block must be used in order to receive the speed benefit the enchantment has no effect if the block is mined with the incorrect tool. See Breaking § Speed for details on mining speed. The speed increase applies to all

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Ore processing Industrial Craft Wiki

Ore processing in IC² is a multi stage process, requiring several machines in order to get the maximum possible yield from each individual ore. Contents. 1 Processing chain. 1.1 Stage 1 1.2 Stage 2 1.3 Stage 3 2 Specific yields Processing chain. The best orees from a three stage process. The first stage is a necessity the second or third may optionally be skipped, but will

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Pickaxe Official Minecraft Wiki

For example, while stone can be mined with any pickaxe, gold ore must be mined with an iron, diamondherite pickaxe, or else the player harvests no ore. Different pickaxes also mine many materials at different speeds: Speed . The following table shows the time it takes to break each type of block. A red background indicates that the block cannot be

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Efficient Skyblock Cobble/Ore generator!

10/05/2019· A compact and efficient version of an ore generator for Skyblock designed by yours truly. : EDIT: You want to push the stair block inside of you to reach the full 5 block length and fill your

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Mineral processing

Mineral processing can involve four general types of unit operation: comminution particle size reduction sizing separation of particle sizes by screening or classification concentration by taking advantage of physical and surface chemical properties and dewatering solid/liquid separation. In all of these processes, the most important considerations are the economics of the

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Obvious Ore 1.13 1.15 Efficient Survival Minipack

Obvious Ore 1.13 1.15 Efficient Survival Minipack check_circle Terrain Published on today, 4/1/20 11:20 am. 1 carrots 3 views, 3 today 0 downloads, 0 todayments 1 favorites 1.ment playlist_add share. more_horiz. stars Feature on profile code Embed flag Report file_download Download Texture Pack. PMCBBCode. HTML. URL. remove_circle 2925772. Culpeo Level 4

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Fishing Official Minecraft Wiki

Fishing rewards can now be enchanted upon capture enchanted books, etc. Fishing now reward experience. 0.13.0 build 1: Tripwire hooks are now obtainable from fishing. 0.15.0 build 1: Added name tags, which can be obtained from fishing. Bedrock Edition 1.4.0 beta Added nautilus shells, obtainable as a treasure item when fishing. 1.8.0 beta Fishing loot has been changed in

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What is the most efficient wood based fuel? Arqade

Which form of wood is actually the most efficient in furnaces? I would appreciate if there is a descending list of efficiency. This includes any thing that can be made from wood, including charcoal though if it requires another unit of fuel to make it, do subtract from its efficiency. I am aware of the similar question that is the fuel ranking

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Block of Coal Minecraft Wiki Fandom

The Block of Coal is a block that was added in the 13w18a snapshot. Like other blocks of its kind, it'spact way to store the material. It may also be used as a building block. However, it is less appealing thanpacted ores. In additionpact storage, the block of coal is also a better material to use during longer smelting operations than its resource equivalent, 9 coal

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List of Ore multiplying methods Official Feed The Beast Wiki

Triples ores. Pulverizer must be Hardened tier or higher to install the Augment. Pyro Concentration · Induction Smelter · Augment: Pyro Concentrator: Thermal Expansion 5: Redstone Flux, Blazingm, one of Sand, Rich Slag or Cinnabar: Triples ores if Sand is used, quadruples ores if Rich Slag or Cinnabar is used. Induction Smelter must

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Enchantments Minecraft Wiki Fandom

Enchantments sometimes shortened to enchants are special bonuses or assets that can be applied to armor, tools or weapons through the use of an enchantment table, or an anvil if you have enchanted books. Enchanted books can be acquired via trading, fishing, finding them in generated structures, or by placing a book in an enchantment table. When armor or a tool is enchanted, it will shine

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What is the best layer to mine for gold in Minecraft? Arqade

Get yourself an Efficiency V pick, and a Silk Touch pick. Then proceed to mine out ALL the material in the beacon's coverage area 50 blocks away from the beacon block, mining stone with the Efficiency pick and non smelt ores with the Silk Touch pick. Start by standing on level 14 and mining blocks 15 and 16, then work down from there. You will find TONS of gold and diamonds this way. If you

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Smelting Official Minecraft Wiki

Smelting is a method of producing refined goods in Minecraft, also known as melting, baking, cooking, burning, drying, or producing.It has the same idea as crafting one must put in acceptable ingredients, and a corresponding output will be given.However, smelting utilizes furnace blocks, which have a unique interface: one input field for the object that will be heated, one field for the

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Ores of Minecraft Wiki:How to get glowstone efficiently

Here are some ways to get a lot of glowstone from one vein. Wemend building a cobblestone box around your chosen vein to protect from Ghasts, or more preferably, redirect their fireballs at a vein. Now that's quite an explosive mining tip. But you would quickly have to build a platform for the dust to land on if it overhangs lava, or you may get some sizzled 'stone. Oh and what's more

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Obvious Ore Efficient Minecraft

Some people tend to re texture ores in order to see them better when mining. As other packs with the same function tend to hurt my eyes with the overdone vein to stone ratio, I decided to create my own variation that goes easy on the amount of color, but is still recognizable without second guessing. The outline on the edges is specifically tuned to avoid color overdose when connecting to

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Efficient gold farm ? Survival Mode Minecraft: Java

09/10/2017· Essentially, the roof ofher seems the most efficient place to build a farm, but you have to glitch yourself up there. A farm inher itself will require extensive slabbing of the surrounding areas. An overworld farm needs a lot of obsidian, depending on the number of portals you make. But apart from that all you need then is water flows to drop the pigmen down a central shaft

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Tutorials/Mining Official Minecraft Wiki

Comparison of ore processing systems. Close. 4. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Comparison of ore processing systems. Is there a table of ore processing systems in modded minecraft that shows the pros and cons of each system? It'd be really nice if it could list them from top to bottom in different categories, like speed, highest multiplier, most useful biproucts, etc. In fact, if this list

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Mining Efficiently in Minecraft dummies

Emerald ore can be found only in the Extreme Hills biomes and spawn only 1 ore instead of a vein. Only 3 to 5 emerald ores in one chunk. Emerald ore isnt the only ore that is found only in a certain biome. Nether quartz ore is found only in the Nether the Hell biome, but unlike emerald ore, nether quartz spawns in veins. Staircase mining

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37 class= Minecraft: Clothing

Dressing Gown Boys, Kids Fleece Hooded Dressing Gowns Kids with Creeper Design, Super Soft Children Robes, Official Merchandise, Gifts for Gamers Boys Girls. 4.6 out of 5 stars 13. 㾿.95 £ 19. 95. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Minecraft. Hat, Baseball Cap, Kids Sun Hat for Summer in Creeper Green Pixel and Black, Boys Snapback Baseball Caps, Official Children

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How to Make Blocks of Ore and Minerals in Minecraft dummies

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay . Ores and minerals are an important part of Minecraft, and are often considered one of the main resources in the game. Typically, these supplies are acquired through the act of mining, which is one of themon ways of harvesting items.Minerals that you find or mine such as coal, emeralds, iron, and diamonds can be crafted into blocks.

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